I Live Here is a creative project encouraging young people to respond to our theme Human ⇋ Nature in the Wye Valley. Using a series of prompts, young people are encouraged to create a personal response which might include creative writing, visual, performance & media arts, environmental and eco projects. We are working towards showcasing responses through an interactive trail in and around the lower Wye area.

Lead artist on the project is Creative Community Champion Catherine Hawkridge, who says

“We are lucky to live in such a beautiful landscape, rich in wildlife and natural treasures. I hope the project will encourage a mindful and respectful approach to the area and participants will find it inspiring sharing and hearing about the experiences, opinions and actions of others expressed through the work.”

About Catherine:

I am a visual artist, maker, and educator living in the Lower Wye Valley. My studio series ‘Weathering’ is inspired by the natural world with all its perceived imperfections such as age, weather and general disorder. In the work, accidental and purposeful marks, drips and spills combine to create vibrant and colourful celebrations of nature.

Connect with Catherine catherine.wvrf@gmail.com