The Bikesplorers

Pedalling purveyors of fine songs, stories and merriment.  

Our very own Festival Cycling Theatre Troupe brought a brand new show to this year’s festival with a dazzling collaboration of professional musicians, singers, storytellers and circus performers.

Mae Cwmni Theatr Seiclo’r Ŵyl yn cyflwyno sioe newydd sbon gyda chydweithrediad disglair o gerddorion, cantorion, storïwyr a pherfformwyr syrcas proffesiynol.

Theme of the 2022 Festival Bikesplorers show: Looking for Thrutopia

Our group of explorers on bikes are looking for the elusive Thrutopia creature, one who wishes to change the world through stories!

The Bikesplorers will be cycling between parades, pubs and pop-up street theatre shows – come along and help our explorers work out which way to go.

Will they find the Thrutopia creature? What stories will it tell?

Mae ein criw o feicwyr chwilfrydig yn chwilio am Thrutopia, creadur sy’n anodd cael gafael arno. Mae am newid y byd trwy straeon! 

Bydd The Bikesplorers yn beicio rhwng gorymdeithiau, tafarndai a sioeau theatr stryd dros dro – dewch draw i helpu ein criw i ddarganfod pa ffordd i fynd.

A fyddan nhw’n dod o hyd i’r creadur Thrutopia? Pa straeon y bydd yn eu hadrodd?

Led by Chez Dunford supported by Gareth Clark (Associate Artist/Dramaturg) and Dominique Fester (Movement Director). Performed by Megan Brooks, Roland Harrad, and Grainne Young-Monaghan. Created with all the wonderful ideas from our community groups: Savoy Youth Theatre, Engage Youth Theatre, Brockweir Youth Club and Kangaroo Choir.

Dan arweiniad Chez Dunford gyda chymorth gan Gareth Clark (Artist Cydweithredol/Dramaturg) a Dominique Fester (Cyfarwyddwr Symudiad). Wedi’i pherfformio gan Aisha Ali, Megan Brooks, Roland Harrad, a Grainne Young-Monaghan. Wedi’i chreu ar sail yr holl syniadau gwych a ddaeth o’n grwpiau cymunedol: Theatr Ieuenctid Savoy, Theatr Ieuenctid Engage, Clwb Ieuenctid Brockweir a Chôr y Cangarŵod.

Time for your own adventure!

Download a pdf of our Bikesplorers activity leaflet and map of the Wye Valley for tips and ideas for your own expeditions.

Reading/Listening List

The show is over, but our quest for Thrutopia continues! If you want to know more about the concept of Thrutopia which inspired elements of the show please see the following:

The WVRF Ensemble is a unique approach for festivals of this kind. Developed by Desperate Men with the WVRF team and used since 2014, the ensemble carries the festival narrative, engages directly with audiences about the festival theme, and hosts events with a mischievous warm-heartedness. It has proven to be a great way to engage audiences in environmental issues in a light-hearted, friendly way.  

WVRF2022 sees a new development as former ensemble cast members have taken on the creative production and devising of the work. Inspired by the landscape, climate action and the challenge of sustainable travel in a rural area with limited public transport, they have devised the adventurous Bikesplorers

cartoon illustration of 5 performers on bicycles
Bikesplorers cartoon by JennyDrewSomething