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    May 10 - 12 2024


    5:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Warning Notes

    Immerse yourself in a captivating sound world and ever changing outdoor live performance during We Weave the Woods on Friday night (May 10) 5pm-9pm and Saturday (May 11) 5pm-9pm.

    Using an ensemble of visually striking mechanical ‘instruments’ – gongs, bells, whistles and explosive events – Warning Notes creates a rich and powerful soundscape that gives voice to the current social and ecological alarm that ripples across our world. 

    A new show by international artist Mark Anderson that is improvised and responsive to audience and environment, Warning Notes is playful and hypnotic, inviting us to listen to the present and contemplate both personal and global stories – and our future together. 

    “A pulsing, gorgeous and threatening world woven out of sound sculptures and beautiful, rhythmic notes” Audience

    “There are so many things that should be causing alarm: war, climate change, inequality, social injustice, personal situations and here it is given a voice, a clarion call, from a whisper to a roar. At times a volatile mix of energy and sound, at others a reflecting meditative tranquility we possibly all seek” Mark Anderson 

    “Anderson has spent his professional career creating audio visual alchemy that uses light, heat, vibrations, electricity, oscillating chemicals and paraphernalia to dazzle our eyes and startle our imaginations.” Richard Wilson

    Beechenhurst, Speech House Road, Coleford GL16 7E