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    Apr 06 - 07 2024


    10:00 am - 2:30 pm

    The Collective Wye: Walkshop Weekend

    The Collective Wye

    Saturday 6th April (10am-8pm) & Sunday 7th April (10.30am-2.30pm)

    An exploration of how and why we connect with ourselves, each other and the earth

    Artists Katie Hanning, Siân Jones and Ella Davies invite you to be inspired by the earth beneath our feet on a creative weekend of meandering, lingering and connection. Over the course of two days we will be guided through a series of activities, discussions and walkshops that will support our exploration of the environment in creative ways.

    As part of the Wye Valley River Festival, this weekend will allow us to collectively unearth
    thoughts, ideas, responses, and materials that we can develop and shape into a piece of work
    that will feature at the festival itself in May.

    This playful collaboration between people and land is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is
    interested in engaging with the environment in creative ways, regardless of background or

    Practical Info:
    Both days are interconnected and we recommend that to gain the best experience you attend
    the whole weekend.

    The event is free to attend but booking is recommended.

    Some refreshments will be provided at the start of each day, but you will be required to bring your own packed lunch and water.

    During this day you will be given a sketchbook to record the experience in multiple ways.

    The weekend will involve being outside and moving for a large portion of the weekend so please dress for the weather.

    Please contact us if you have access needs that need additional support in order for you to attend.


    Saturday 6th April: 10am-8pm
    Most of this day will be outside and a large proportion of the day will be walking.
    At the start of the day we will meet at 10am St Saviour’s Church in Redbrook where we will start
    our journey learning about the wonders of soil through Nicola Goff’s co-created ‘earthen cloth’
    printed using earth pigments.

    From here we will set off walking along the river and into the woods with discussion and prompts
    along the way. On entering the woods we will embark on a walkshop led by Sian Jones in which
    we will use theatre techniques and games to connect with our bodies, each other and the forest
    around us. We will explore, play and learn from natural wisdom.

    We will break for lunch and then continue our journey in a walkshop led by Ella Davies in which
    we will connect with the earth through gathering local clays and working in response to the
    material to sculpt a series of forest creatures. We will learn to respond intuitively with clay
    through listening, collaborating and walking through the stunning Wye Valley, AONB. Our forest
    spirits will be given as offerings to the waterfalls of Redbrook, where the clay will return to the

    We will end this walkshop looping back down into the village and we will end the day with a fire,
    food and reflection starting at approximately 6.30pm.

    We aim for the day to be finished around 8pm.

    Sunday 7th April: 10.30am-2.30pm
    We will meet at 10.30am at St Saviour’s Church in Redbrook and from here take a short walk to
    a space where we will spend the morning connecting with the earth through spoken word and
    language on a walkshop that will guide us in creating both individual and collective poems for
    and from the earth. Parts of these poems will be incorporated into the earthen cloth at a later

    There will also be a period of reflection and sharing as part of this day and we will be using the
    sketchbooks from the previous day as part of this.
    We aim to finish this day at 2.30pm.

    From here everyone is welcome to join us at the Boat Inn for a purely social (non compulsory)
    late lunch and/or drink.

    About our artists

    Katie Hanning is one of our Creative Community Champions this year. We are excited by the ways Katie evokes partnership – active participation and curiosity through varied works. Check out her website

    Siân Jones is a creative producer and theatremaker originally from Chepstow who now lives in the Forest of Dean.They are drawn to a wide variety of work that uses creative and playful form to deliver thought-provoking audience experiences. They have recently moved back to the Wye Valley and in reconnecting with their roots have developed a focus on work created by and for rural and working-class communities traditionally underserved by the arts.

    ‘I love the co-creation process and how when groups come together you often end up with a message that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. I feel that learning to work together and a focus on community and collectivism – what we owe each other….we need to learn new ways of being and coexisting both with other humans and the wider ecosystem.’
    Ella Davies grew up in Kington, Herefordshire, and recently returned back to live in the Wye Valley where she feels most inspired to make art. She has a fascination with material: she believes that consideration of the material’s origin is important when reflecting on the ethical implications of production, so she aims to seek out raw material. She implements slow processes of craft, like weaving or making paper by hand, undermining the cycle of rapid production and consumption, using unrefined material means that the artwork can return to the earth upon completion. Ella works on the basis that what originates from the earth must go back.

    ‘A community orientated practice requires time, attention and nurturing in order to sustain the relationships created. Conversations and collaboration with peers allows for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and materials, often instigating new work. Knowledge is shared through education, participation and conversation. I construct the frameworks in which events can occur, by facilitating conversation that leads to social action.’


    Filming and photography

    The collective Wye wants you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that all footage is captured
    sensitively, by a professional film-maker and photographer, who respect your rights and privacy.
    The workshop will be filmed and participants will be invited to contribute and direct the process
    of filming as part of the event.

    A copy of the film and any photographs taken can be made available to you. However, all rights
    to the images are owned by the photographer.

    Registration and attendance implies acceptance of this information.
    Please direct any questions to