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    Mar 13 2024


    8:00 am - 6:00 pm

    The Collective Wye – a weekend of walkshops

    Wanted: thinkers, makers, doers, dreamers, wanderers and wonderers!

    Linger with us in the Wye Valley for a FREE unlocked down weekend of lightly led activities, discussions and walkshops on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April in Redbrook.

    We invite you to be inspired by the earth beneath our feet on a creative weekend of
    meandering, lingering and connection led by our Creative Community Champion Katie Hanning and her fellow artists. Over the course of two days you will be guided through a
    series of activities, discussions and walkshops that will support our exploration of the
    environment in creative ways.

    As part of the Wye Valley River Festival, this weekend will allow us to collectively unearth
    thoughts, ideas, responses, and materials that we can develop and shape into a piece of work
    that will feature at the festival itself in May.

    This playful collaboration between people and land is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is
    interested in engaging with the environment in creative ways, regardless of background or
    experience. The weekend will involve being outside and moving for a large portion of the
    weekend. Please contact us if you have access needs that need additional support in order for
    you to attend.

    Both days are interconnected and we recommend that to gain the best experience you attend
    the whole weekend.

    Light refreshments will be provided at the start of each day. You will need to bring your own packed lunch and water each day, and if you are visiting the area, you will need to organise your own accommodation.

    Full programme to follow. For more information and to book, please email