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    May 05 2024


    1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

    The B-Wilder Choir and Orchestra Workshop

    FREE music workshop Sunday 5 May 1pm-4pm,  followed by a short performance to the public 4-4.30pm

    Redbrook Village Hall, Redbrook, NP25 4LR

    A day of musical explorations and adventure as part of the Redbrook Roust! Suitable for all ages

    Anyone can join, bring an instrument, your voice, write, draw, film, dance, listen or do it all, with sound games to free our ears and imaginations.

    Whatever we create will be performed for the public at 4pm. Listen to and improvise with the sounds of the earth, sky, river and trees and each other. We can all make music, we just need to use our ears. 

    B-Wilder is led by Maggie Nichols, Tim Hill and Jo Meikle.

    Maggie Nicols is one of the world’s leading vocal improvisers, a pioneering singer who is also an inspiring choir leader. Maggie has performed all over Europe and beyond. She leads The Gathering improvised get togethers in London and Wales. 

    Tim is the WVRF musical director with a long fascination with improvisation. He led the Hullabaloo Improvising Orchestra and plays in the Bristol based South West Improvising Group.

    Jo is a young drummer, a graduate of Leeds School of Music, who specialises in jazz and folk

    “The Gathering is a space, place and time where to build confidence in our creativity, where we can sit in silence, sing, play an instrument, draw, be poetic, prophetic, we could talk in tongues, talk to each other, to ourselves. Where we can listen, make sounds, melodies and noise, soft and loud, leave space, fill it up, explore rhythm and time, chaos and rhyme, lullabies and laments, shyly and boldly be in our different rhythms together.”  Maggie Nicols

    You are welcome to just turn up on the day, but to secure your place book here.