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    May 04 2024


    9:30 am - 6:00 pm

    Merry Monmouth Day

    Join us for a magical day of FREE music, song, workshops, theatre and playful exploration with the ever popular Merry Monmouth Day.

    The programme for the day includes:

    • WORKSHOP! Puppet making workshop by Fetch Theatre, Shire Hall: 9.30am-11am
      Make a river creature of your own to join the party ahead of the parade through the streets.
    • PARADE! May Mischief Masquerade, Monnow High Street: 11am-12pm
      The Goddesses of the rivers meet for the first time to celebrate the waters that flow through this land, leading us to the festival site for the day, accompanied by lots of other characters and creatures. Make a fish, grab a flag and join in the celebrations.
    • FESTIVE ACTIVITIES! Drybridge Park and Bridges Community Centre 12-6pm
      Enjoy the relaxing setting of the park as you watch and join a full programme of performers and workshops that entertain and engage the audience, young and old.
    • CONCERT! Songs and Sighs of Earth, Wood and Sky 7.30pm-9.30pm 
      An evocative evening of jazz, folk and improvisation inspired by the natural world, in the lovely riverside setting.

    Acts and Activities to look out for

    There are lots of events happening at Drybridge Park and Bridges Community Centre throughout the afternoon, including:

    No Fit State Circus BAMBOO!!: A spectacular new high-impact, high-skill outdoor circus production using only bamboo and human bodies, revealing the fragility and beauty of our interconnected and interdependent life on this planet. 

    Sound Forest: Music making and song curated by our band leader Tim Hill, running throughout the day. Come play with sound and nature with extraordinary musicians and singers, workshops, ear horns and a chance to just sit back and listen.

    The Singing Space: A workshop space for people to learn songs and explore their voices. 

    Tent of Taste: Tasting Spring. Come explore spring with presentations from herbalists and foragers Liz Knight and Rowan Mconegal.

    The Rumblers: Our fantastic resident touring theatrical troupe will be regaling festival goers with stories of the earth, fungus, food and folk law.

    The Wodwose: Our brilliant festival band will be parading and performing throughout the day.

    The Composter: The latest creation from the Desperate Men, the co-founders of the festival.

    Cup Ceramics, Mud Mythologies: join clay workshops to create river idols from the most ancient and sustainable of materials.

    Fabric: Join the creative conversation around this beautiful art work.

    Fish Boy by 2Faced Dance: Follow young Tommy Minton on an unforgettable dance adventure as he goes on a hunt to discover where his best friend ‘fish’ has gone.

    Plus an assortment of wonderful walkabout and family friendly shows, workshops and entertainment.