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    Jun 04 2022


    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Films @ The Phoenix

    An evening of short films curated around the festival theme of Human ⇆ Nature.

    A Short Film about IceAdam Laity
    A film-poem documenting the journey of a cinematographer through the changing landscapes of the Arctic.
    *Winner of Best Climate Emergency Film AHRC Research In Film Awards 2020 *
    *Winner Audiovisual Practice-Research Award, BFTSS 2021 *
    * Winner of Best Short Film at Green Fest Belgrade, Serbia 2020 *
    *Winner of Audience Award at Sunchild Environmental Festival, Armenia 2021 *

    Acts of Quiet ResistanceIan Nesbitt
    Michael lives and travels in a horse drawn wagon. As the film begins, we find him preparing to cross the channel into France following a whim to swim his horse in the Mediterranean, then turning back six months later to buy a pair of boots at a horse fair in the Cotswolds. As Michael himself says, he spends his entire life travelling, without ever leaving home. Filmmaker Ian Nesbitt spends a calendar year visiting him periodically on his version of pilgrimage. The result is a sparing road movie tracing Michael’s transient and timeless existence on the peripheries of modern life.

    Views over the SevernSimon Presto
    A sensory journey exploring some of the many incredible phenomena along the Severn tidal region. Filmed from above, this cinematic exploration offers a glimpse of phenomena that you can’t see from land. The videos are underscored with specially composed music, both electronic and acoustic, uniting the elements of light, nature, history, and people within this epic environment.

    Entry is free. See The Phoenix Theatre for information and tickets.